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“We are all gods “Abstract Painting 36"x36"x0.5"

“We are all gods “Abstract Painting 36"x36"x0.5"

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We Are All Gods - Abstract Painting by Maria Lankina with Accompanying Poem


Dive deep into the vivid universe of Maria Lankina's abstract masterpiece, "We Are All Gods," a centerpiece of her captivating "Red" collection. Measuring 36 inches square, this artwork seamlessly combines the emotional intensity of abstract expressionist explosions with the delicate charm of watercolor washes. Using acrylics, Maria achieves a luminescence reminiscent of ethereal mixed media, crafting layers that come across as both translucent and saturated.


The composition boasts vibrant sweeps of light red, orange, and light pink, with dynamic neon orange lines taking center stage. The canvas becomes a living entity with saturated pigment pools evoking a sense of boundless emotion. Dotted with tiny dabs of yellow and intuitive ink washes, the artwork might remind some of an assemblage of maps, guiding viewers on a journey through Maria's creative universe.


Perhaps the most captivating elements are the calligraphic abstractions and emotional gestural marks. These are not just mere strokes but are expressions—each mark, each scribble, conveying raw emotions and stories. Conjuring thoughts of primitive forms and children's drawings, they embody an innocence and purity often lost in adulthood. This gestural calligraphy harmoniously balances with the ethereal layers, creating a dance between depth and lightness.


Complementing the painting is a poignant poem penned by Maria:


_Right here right now,

We are all gods.


Souls wandering

She says we are off

I am watching

Everyone is so preoccupied

It's either my brain meandering or everybody is high

Probably both._


As potential collectors view this piece, one can't help but ponder the artist's inspiration. The radiant colors, especially the oranges and crimsons, might symbolize the fiery essence of divinity and the inherent godliness in all of us—a nod to the painting's evocative title. The accompanying poem amplifies the introspective journey, making us reflect on our divine essence amid the chaos and distractions of the world.


For those in search of a vibrant, lively, and high-value abstract piece that encapsulates emotion, narrative, and poetic depth, "We Are All Gods" offers an artful blend of form, color, and meaning. Its placement in any space promises to not just be a visual delight, but also a conversation starter about the innate divine nature of humanity and the boundless creativity of the artist. Perfect for aficionados who appreciate emotional depth, vivid hues, and the intricate dance between structured chaos and fluidity in abstract art.

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